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Lolpop the Dog

Hello, my name is Lolpop the dog. How are you? Do you know that I am twelve years old, which in dog years means I am eighty four. Can you believe it! My humans rescued me about six human years ago. I suppose you could say I was very, very sad once upon a time, but now I am very, very happy.

So what do I like look like? Can you see my picture? I am part terrier, part mischievous with a black coat, big floppy ears, and a long black tail with a white tip on the end, which helps my humans to see me in the dark and when I wag it happily.

My favourite things are going for long walks, playing with my teddies, having biscuit hunts, cuddles, chasing my tail, my human grandmother, sleeping, bacon, a cup of tea, little humans, Monty Python's 'Always look on the bright side of life', chasing cats, bandana's and listening to humans laughing.

I love the little humans. For a start, they like to play with toys as much as me. I have so many wonderful things for them, special things with my very own face on and much more to come. I hope they will love all the pawesome things I have in store and maybe they can take me on some adventures and introduce me to some new smells!

I’m so glad I have been able tell you a little about me. If you have any other questions, then please feel free to ask me and I promise I will answer. You can follow me and my adventures at @lolpopthedog on twitter.

Woove You


Boys Lolpop the Dog's
Boys Lolpop the Dog

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Girls Lolpop the Dog

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